Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Firestorm, or the Art Of Walking

So, the phoenix viewer is on it's last breath and I decided to download the Firestorm viewer, only because it was close at hand. Now, it all seems good and not too hard to handle. I only have one issue (so far).

I cant walk.

In the old SL viewer, and in the phoenix viewer, there's a little window at the bottom left where local chat is. To be able to use WASD as walking keys, you had to click a little arrow so that the window dissappeared. My problem with Firestorm is, there's NO LITTLE ARROW.

Hence the no walking thing.

You see, I don't speak the language of computors and internet. This makes it hard to find information too.

So while I ponder the possibilities, I walk with mouse clicks.

Save me?

Monday, December 31, 2012


Found it. I need to export the picture, not save it. whatever the difference is. Aparently the different formats handles the pictures differently, I have to experiment with that. This one dropped it's layers in .jpg but ok anyway.

Here's me, looking out the window in our house, wearing clothes from BodyMix ( that Knixie gave me. I feel like a proper sponsered blogger no, haha.
(that was better)


I forgot how to convert the pictures into the right format, or rather, GIMP doesn't look the same anymore. Bloggers prefered picture format doesn't seem to exist in the list I have to choose from. Oh well I guess I will just have to try and try again until I get it. It usually works.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

about me

Being the positive person I am, I'm thinking I might have some readers. I might even get new ones! Therefore I will here publish a list of old blog posts that explain who I am, or who I was. Keep in mind I might have evolved during my two year abscence...

Can't seem to get the links to work, I'll work on it, but in the mean time, enjoy some copy/paste...

My blackness

Just as everything else in secondlife, my 'blackness' is fake. You know why? So I can do as many black men as possible ofcourse!



Why is my avatar black(or brown)?

I get that question a lot. I don't hide the fact that I, irl, am just a very plain swedish. Witch usually means white (or at summers, pink) and fair haired. Some people find that odd. In fact the wierdest comments I've gotten are from italians, for some reason. Probably a coincidence, or maybe something to do with their wierd president ;)) Quite a few of them has said something like "oh you are very unique, most people in SL tries to make them selves more beautiful than in RL"

I think that is really funny, because in my eyes, that is exactly what I've done! My avatar is far more beautiful than my RL self. But I guess for an italian guy, blond is more exotic.

For me, as long as I can remember, a black woman has been my ideal. Don't ask me why, but I can't think of anything more beautiful. (ok I know, I'm generalizing now) Ok sure, the black guys are handsome, but the women are stunning!

So that's the first and simple reason my avatar is black; I wanna be beautiful.

Then, after that, other reasons has grown from my cheast. For example, there are too few black avatars in SL. In my early days I searched and searched everywhere I could think of to find them. It was really hard. There were lots of white dudes with black dreads though, lol.

After a while, I got involved with Africa Live, and gradually my interest started to include also the continent Africa. I have been interested in africa before in my life, ever since i read this book as a child about africa. But now in SL it is starting to bloom. I hear so many great stories, I meet people who's accually living there, and everything intrigues me, fascinates me.

I've learned so much, and yet I know so little. And as you all know, the more you learn, the more you know how little you really know.

So come on friends! Teach me MORE! :D

RL impact

We've all thaught about it; how does my second life impact my first life? There are many answers to that. For me, there are examples like I've become bolder in contacts, I dance more boldly (even more...), I know about more cultural differences and I have increased my knolage in certain languages.

But there is one thing I couldn't forsee. It's about this being black thing again. In SL I usually connect with any black avatar I come upon, if only for a simple "HI" or an invite to the group africa live!

But in RL I can't do that.... they are just as scarce in my RL as in SL, and everytime I see one I feel a connection there... from my side. Ofcourse they don't feel the same, cuz I'm blond and very ordinary here. I can't just walk up and say "HI".... so what do I do? I stare! "Not good", I remind myself and look the other way... not good either! The person in question probably don't even notice my behaviour, still I think "omg I'm insulting him/her!!"

It is quite a strange feeling! I wish I had some black RL friends, I think maybe these wierd feelings would go away then...

*giggles* I can't even explain it, it's wierd.

GAAH, I wish I really was black!

The beauty of Second Life

Never forget the thing that makes Second life so good. Every day is an opportunity to meet a new friend. A friend from the other side of the world or the other side of the street. A friend you will never see face to face, but still have a fulfilling friendship with, or a friend that you will incorporate into your first life as a neighbour or a new "I invite you for family dinner"-friend.

The thing is; every day is a new day in second life. You are never "stuck" with the same old friends from highschool or your old worn out relatives. You can just go out there, check some place where there seem to be a gathering of avatars and start chatting. You can shout from a rooftop "I want a new friend today!!!!" or sneak up on someone and wisper "I need a friend".

Some friends will last a life time, some friends fulfill a temporary need you have, some friends come and go and then come back again. In Second life you can't have too high demands on people; you never know how their first life is. And lets face it; second life is accually second. It has to stand back when needed. For example when the body needs some food ;))

Just a thaught I've had in my mind for a few days. So get out there, make new friends!!

Puffing through life?
what it means? Why are you asking me? I've understood that it means different things for different ppl, so.... make your own oppinion ...

*Puff Puff*

(btw, I never smoke... anything)

You are also welcome to have a look around, even if the blog posts may be very boring now, I mean who cares how a concert sounded two years ago?


So, what will Puff be writing about now that she seems to be back, you ask yourselves. Well let me start with an easy topic; music.

This fall a show about artists interpreting eachothers music has been aired in Sweden. It has been very popular and I'm not alone in loving this show. It's called "Så mycket bättre" witch translates "so much better" and it really is. Old songs get new life and another shot at the spot light.

Here's a sample. Darin singing Magnus Ugglas song Astrologen. Darin is really a skilled singer and songwriter, as you can tell here.

There's a line in the song saying "Du är den vackraste jag mött, inte tuff och hård och kall som andra" that I love.
It means "You are the most beautiful I've met, not tough and hard and cold as others." I love this line.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Am I back? Should I be back? Will I continue to be back? Will it make me happy?

I cautiously believe the answer is yes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010